06 May, 2008

May 6, 1975

Happy Birthday to Me!
May 6, 2008
Today is my 33rd birthday!
Wow. 33 yrs old.
I remember when I was 16 I had such plans for myself by the time I was this age.
I would have graduated college and began work for the State Dept. and become an ambassador to some tiny warm island nation. Or maybe be a history teacher in the public schools. I’d have 2.5 kids (2 great kids and a retard most likely. Maybe a Mongoloid to challenge my charity).
Yes, I had grand plans. So what happened? Life happened.
I did finish school but did not go into either of my 9th grade dream destinations. I moved to Maryland and began working for the state. I quickly learned to slack and wait for retirement. I’m not working for today; I’m working for a pension so whatever it is that you want me to do can wait.
This was not the way to start a career. It was a slow start.
Eventually I moved to Baltimore and received a hefty promotion in a little over 1 year of being here. I live in an amazing neighborhood with stand up neighbors and friendly streets. I feel life in the streets and sidewalks, on my sofa and all other surrounding areas. I credit much of this to my special sweetheart who has become my best friend in life and helped me find that inner peace and vibrancy that I once had.
I also have to thank my family for uprooting from our home state of Michigan and moving to Maryland in search of a better life for themselves. My parents came here a few years ago after retirement. My brother came here a year later and has a better job and better prospects on life. My sister moved out here this year and is already making strides in a job market that is stacked in her favor for once.
Having family and friends around me again brings me home and what’s better than that?

So on this 33rd year I celebrate myself and those who loved me enough to stick with me and help me through life. Here’s to all of you. Thank you to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday (pre-programmed email reminders are great for remembering birthdays) and sent cards and warm wishes. The GW birthday cards are the best. You all keep me in smiles. I love you all.

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