30 September, 2008

Did Your Rep Vote to Pass the Bailout? Probably

You think your representatives are voting against this Wall Street bailout?
Look who has voted for and against it.


Someone’s not hitting the phones hard enough.

Wayne Gilchrest (R)
Maryland - 1
Rep. Favored*

Dutch Ruppersberger (D)
Maryland - 2
Safe Dem.

John Sarbanes (D)
Maryland - 3
Safe Dem.

Donna Edwards (D)
Maryland - 4
Safe Dem.

Steny Hoyer (D)
Maryland - 5
Safe Dem.

Roscoe Bartlett (R)
Maryland - 6
Safe Rep.

Elijah Cummings (D)
Maryland - 7
Safe Dem.

Chris Van Hollen (D)
Maryland - 8
Safe Dem.

20 September, 2008

Iraq Veteran PTSD. Or Maybe He's Just Fine.

Anonymous in MD. ...

I watched Jarhead today, its a movie about a marine sniper in the first gulf war. After watching it I realized my hands were aching for the soft curves of a rifle, the weight of a 9mm pistol wasn't at my side. A part of me wants to go back to Iraq to... to be alive again. In the war I was as close to God as anybody could be and I hated every minute of it when I was there, now I wish I were back there. In that dusty dessert I became a beast, a being of hate and power, I could have been death incarnate, I was for some people. In the first three months I was in Iraq I killed and committed atrocities that you only see in movies. After I saw what I had done I told myself I would never take another life again, and I've done good so far. but I carry around a knife everywhere I go and sometimes I pray someone will start something so that I can let the beast out again. I fear that I will hurt people I love, that's why I don't go out and spend alot of time around people, I don't want to hurt anyone anymore. I think I need help in controlling this. They trained me, institutionalized me and now I am partly reprogrammed. The nightmares are starting up again and this time I don't fear them but look forward to them.

05 September, 2008

Pigtown Pooch Pageant Winner '07

OK, for those of you entering the Pigtown Pooch pageant this year here's a look at last year's winner. Meet Kingfish: a 3 yr old standard poodle/pig crossbreed.

Pigtown pooch pageant winner '07

Notice the nipples? Judges love nipples. And really, who doesn't. But noses are another thing. Babydogs refused to keep the little nose on but tried to use his tongue instead. What a meathead
And moms was really pleased to received the grand champion trophy and small bag of doggie treats. And there was much rejoycing (yea!)


Good luck to this years contestants. Woof!