22 December, 2009

21 Inches of Snow Seperates the Good Neighbors From the Bad.

In times like these when everyone is in the same situation you really get to see who your good neighbors are.

Many of us live in neighborhoods where we know some of our neighbors and some of us live in neighborhoods where we know all of our neighbors.

But if you want to know who the good ones are, and by default know who the bad ones are, just wait for a blizzard like this.

Sunday morning met my street with the saem problems that the rest of the city had.  Damn near 2 feet of snow and nothing but a shovel and a few good neighbors to remove it all.  So we got to work.  Six of so able bodied menfolk outside taking to the street like we do this for a living.  Luckily my car and my Suesue's car were parked together so it made digging easier.  It would have been nice to have them parked in front of our house but hoopty van up the street decided to take my spot the night before.

Meanwhile, I parked my car across the street and there was an empty space behind hoopty van that we designated as the snow pile. It had to go somewhere so I sacrificed another space in front of our house for a snow pile.

Did hoopty van dude come out to help dig out? No. Did he get out to shovel off his sidewalk so people could walk up the street? No. Did he let the kindness of good neighbors dig him out so he could get his hoopty van ass out of my spot? Yes.

Fortunately, on Monday I didn't have to go into work so I did some shopping. Hoopty van was gone but in his spot (my spot, really. It's in front of my house, he has his own damn space) he put an orange cone and piece of plywood down in the space to indicate that this was his reserved spot.

Did you dig this spot out? NO.
Is this your parking space? NO.
Do you have any right to this space on any other day? NO.
Are you a bad neighbor who doesn't shovel anything or clear his walkway? YES (I had to give him one).

I could only hope to get back home before he returned but no good. He returned to the same spot that he "reserved" for his own velvet Elvis seat covered, ugly ass gas guzzling Ro-Fo coffe cup littered, pain in my ass 'cause he don'e shovel shit, hoopty van.

Get some salt on your sidewalk, asshole!  And clean up the shit in the front sidewalk area from your yappy-ass dog too.  The snow's not gonna bury it forever.

Dear Baltimore City Road Crew: Thanks For Nothin'!

How 'bout that blizzard  'eh?
Did you see all the snow that we got?

Of course you saw all the snow we got!  It was steady rockin' all night long.
Oh, and did you finally get your car dug out of the street?  Yea?  Well good for you.

Sunday morning there were about 6 able bodied menfolk neighbors out shoveling out our 1 block street in Hampden.  We were all responsable for digging out multiple cars on the street: our car and our spouse/girlfriend/old lady/grama/ etc.
So we got to work.  Shovel shovel shovel and a snow blower ta boot (thanks neighbor dude down the street).
Fortunately nobody dropped dead from a heart attack and we had a laugh here and there as the day went by.  We are the good neighbors.  Dug out our cars, dug out nice neighbor ladies who have no menfolk and dug out the sidewalk.  Good for us.

What do we get for this?  We get help. 
Just when our 1/2 of the street was clear a white BCPW pickup truck turns onto the street to plow. 
He drops his blade 6 houses away, scrapes the street untill he gets to the back seat door of my car.  He's stuck.  So, in the spirit of helping and scoring holiday OT pay what does he do? 
He backs up, raises the plow about 6 inches and drives over the snow bank that he just created next to my car.  He then drives up the street that we just shovelled (shovelled, mind you, down to the pavement, no snow or ice) he drives over the newly created snow bank and spreades whatever his 6" high plow can spread up the street.  BCPW just buried 3 hours of back breaking shoveling. 

So like any good ant colony, we get back to work.  Who else is going to do it?  We live at the top of a One-Way street and this is how everyone is going to get out.  So we shovel.