29 January, 2008

Talmudic Punk band

So I ripped this blog off. I know this is a shameful thing to do and not very punk as it is stealing from the people and not the man. But we all have our moments of weakness (some just refer to it as writer’s block)
I must credit Prisoner of Hope for the inspiration.

I was going to start a Talmudic Punk Band called "Ish Ploney and the Vanity of Vanities". (Ish Ploney is the Talmudic equivalent of John Doe), so I could cross it off my list of things I want to do before I die. The day before our first rehearsal, I had to call the whole thing off because someone broke into my apartment and stole my bass Guitar. First I was very upset. Then I thought, "Damn, that's so Punk", and I crossed it off my list.

28 January, 2008

Over the Top

"The road only meets ya half-way. You gotta go fo' it"
-Sly Stallone- Over the Top.

This is probably my most favorite Movie to watch to goon Sly Stallone to. Not that I'm a big Stabone because I'm not. But it has been a favorite since college- 1996 to date myself (I would date myself too, I've got great taste).

Stallone is a truck driver trying to regain custody of his young son (that dark haired kid from Flght of the Navigator. The kid who cries in 1/2 of his movies).

But Stallone, known as Hawk, is also a professional arm wrassler who enters a arm wrasslin' tournament to win a brand new rig.

And for you wrasslin' fans, Terry Funk plays a body guard for cry baby's grandfather. Yea, the son cries in this one too. Prepare the tissue.

Listen for the soundtrack too. Heroes Wanted!!

The Daily Breather

Absolut Greeting to World

New friends of mine! As I make you easily you see that you are easily a part of me.

And thus we begin our life together in the blogosphere. Has there been a new term for blogosphere created yet? Here is my first question to my new world.
I am already tired of your language. Where is the jive talkin' Nerd-core language at?

Surely "blogoshpere" is is so 2005. And an entire -osphere is a large place. Where's my niche at?
Great. Another new world to explore.
I didn't ask to explore a new world. But I suppose I should if I am to learn anything new.

"The road only meets ya half-way. You gotta go fo' it"
-Sly Stallone- Over the Top.

Oh perhaps I've said enough already.

The Daily Breather