23 March, 2010

Google Sets Up Quemoy-Matsu Battle for Cyber WWIII

China Accuses Google of Violating Promises

Google and China are at it again.

A few months ago Google pulled its search engine operations out of China in retaliation to high level cyber hacking that Google claims could only be the work of the Chinese government. The Chinese government claims that it had no involvement in the cyber espionage but did not go so far as to search out the culprits. The Chinese government stated that Google had broken its written contract with the government and had ceased its censorship of certain material on its Chinese search engine.

Now Google is back in China but they have set up shop in Hong Kong which allows for looser control of business and capital. Both sides know what is about to happen next: Google will continue to allow uncensored searches to Google.cn and the Chinese government, or several unnamed hackers, will continue to force its way in and disrupt Google’s operations.

On one side I can’t see how the Chinese government intends to allow even the slightest use of the internet without expecting a flood of citizen organization and sharing of knowledge and ideas. And on the other hand I can’t see how Google would be allowed to operate in the country if it had broken such a sensitive rule in their contract.

People are people and will congregate and organize. And business is business where a breach of contract can lead to serious consequences.
If we start to see large ships anchored off the coast of  Quemoy and Matsu
with the Google logo on the side ya might wanna start stocking up on the canned goods and dig the bomb shelter a bit deeper. We’re in for a long cyber cold war.