30 January, 2009

Hey Jackass! Use the Salt Boxes on Your Street.

I'm not a native of this city so when I did move into Baltimore city I was surprised with the yellow salt boxes in on neighborhood streets. It's there for me and my neighborhood, yea? At least that's what I'm assuming.
Well this week was the only time in my 2 years that I was thinking of hitting up the salt boxes.
I've had a bag of rock salt in the basement. I think I've had 25 lbs of it for about 4 years. But it got hit the first ice this year. So I grabbed a good 5 gallon bucket, small spade shovel and hit up about 4 lbs out in Mt. Washington when I was at the tavern on Tues. Next night closer to home in Hampden on Hickory street next to the Super(not-so)Fresh.
Tonight when I go out to Aural States Fest at Sonar (plug)I'll pick another bucket.

You can really tell who your good neighbors are...and conversely, your other neighbors. Let's all be good neighbors. Go get some salt if your area is still got ice. We did need a lot to get rid of all of it this time.

23 January, 2009

Did You Get Any Takers On Your Obama Inauguration Housing Offer?

I'd love to hear from anyone who listed their home or room for rent and actually had a renter...Anyone?

A Question On Unions For Anyone Who May Know

How does a union assists me in my career other than to be on my side if I lose my job over an illegitimate reason?
A job that nets me $29,000 a year. I'm paying how much money to insure this salary?
What else do you do? Health care?
An otherwise human right in any other western nation is sparingly doled out to us at an exorbitant rate. I'm paying for crumbs wrapped in honor. The pride of keeping a job which I struggle so hard not to identify myself with.
If I got fired from this job I'd collect 27 weeks of freedom and still bring home 75% of my net earnings. 80% if I drop my union dues.

I'm as anti-big business and pro worker as I can be for a cushy 30-something with a dead end job but when I look realistically at it all...Someone help me here.

Am I wrong?

07 January, 2009

Inauguration Home Rental Prices Are Killing the "Yes We Can" Spirit!


Man! I too am looking to rent a room in my house. Not the whole house but a room. But c'mon people! $50,000 for your home? Even $10,000 for a home in Baltimore? What happened to the camaradarie of the campaign and the election? You folks are already tarnishing the event with your greed. My room goes for $125/night. $500 for the whole 4 day deal.(no I won't charge for your Wed morning departure)

Sure this is Amerika and people can charge whatever they want...and kill the spirit in the process.

This reminds me of the March on Washington in '63 (not like I was there)when MLK gave his speach. Tens of thousands of people came from all over the nation to witness that. Ever wonder how many black folk were allowed to stay in hotels in the DC/VA area? Probably none. They had to rely on the kindness of family and usually strangers to give them a safe place to stay. Kindness that was freely given in a time of struggle. I guess that struggle is over now 'eh?

Yes, times have changed and anyone can stay in a hotel now and be safe. But people are coming in droves only to find themselves hampered by outrageous lodging costs.
I suppose I should feel niave for thinking that the spirit of unity had any chance of survival when we saw how much money we could make.
I hope you and the other 27 pages of homes for rent in the Baltimore area alone get what you want.

05 January, 2009

Inauguration Housing and Baltimore Deep House Party

Time is running out on accommodations for the Inaugural weekend. Do you have your plans made yet? Are you looking for something a bit off the beaten path? Do you like house music?

Come to Baltimore for the Obama Inauguration and celebrate MLK Day with a Deep House party with Deep Sugar at Paradox on Sunday 1/18/09.




This party will be from 10:00pm to 6:00am (or until we drag your ass out of the club).

Your hosts will be there until the sun comes up so if you take the room and you come to party you will be expected to stick around…or deal with Baltimore cabs.

Baltimore City Paper named Deep Sugar Best Dance Night 2008.

When you see the event you’d be hard pressed to find a better monthly event.


But enough about the party. Here is what the rest of the package includes:

1 room for rent with 1 twin bed and cot/floor space if needed.

Room is $100/day Sat-Wed morning. Meals and any side trip transportation are not included but a proper host would treat a proper guest with certain amenities.

Travel planning to and from DC including Metro rail and car trip to Metro including up to date travel tips and changes. There will be changes made weekly. Expect it.

Also included is Commemorative Obama/ DC Metro Smart Trip subway pass.

Deep Sugar MIL/Obama Party Sun night 10pm-6am. Experience one of the most legendary house clubs on the east coast. Tour busses from Shelter in NYC come to Baltimore monthly exclusively for this rare club night. Bring your dancing shoes.

Pick up tours of Baltimore and kitschy Hampden http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hampden,_Baltimore

Stay out of the fray until you need to be there.

If you are flying you can take the Baltimore light rail from BWI airport to within block of the house. Arriving and leaving will be a snap.

Plenty of street parking if you are driving.


* Binoculars

*Warm outdoor gear

* Backpack

* Dancing shoes

* Historic smiles

Your “Yes We Can” Attitude, not your “I’m not close enough to see anything, this sucks and I’m cold” attitude. That attitude is so 2008.

Your love for dogs, we have 2 standard poodles.

More about your hosts: Lovely couple in their late 30’s with 2 standard poodles and 1 guest room for you. A friendly and engaging neighborhood where pub crawls are within walking distance (2 pubs within actual crawling distance for the veterans).

Payment will be made in full upon arrival.

Come enjoy our home/city/house party.Time is running out on accommodations for the Inaugural weekend. Do you have your plans made yet? Are you looking for something a bit off the beaten path? Do you like house music?