30 January, 2009

Hey Jackass! Use the Salt Boxes on Your Street.

I'm not a native of this city so when I did move into Baltimore city I was surprised with the yellow salt boxes in on neighborhood streets. It's there for me and my neighborhood, yea? At least that's what I'm assuming.
Well this week was the only time in my 2 years that I was thinking of hitting up the salt boxes.
I've had a bag of rock salt in the basement. I think I've had 25 lbs of it for about 4 years. But it got hit the first ice this year. So I grabbed a good 5 gallon bucket, small spade shovel and hit up about 4 lbs out in Mt. Washington when I was at the tavern on Tues. Next night closer to home in Hampden on Hickory street next to the Super(not-so)Fresh.
Tonight when I go out to Aural States Fest at Sonar (plug)I'll pick another bucket.

You can really tell who your good neighbors are...and conversely, your other neighbors. Let's all be good neighbors. Go get some salt if your area is still got ice. We did need a lot to get rid of all of it this time.


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