28 October, 2011

Mobbie Awards

So, I've noticed that many of my blogs begin with the word "so".  So what?  It's my blog and I'll so if I want to.
But yea. It's been a coon's age since I did anything with this bloggy thing but I recently stepped into the smart phone age and yesterday the Twitter age.  While on Twitter I was checking all these folks to follow and saw all these blogs that I used to read religiously back when Blogtimore was up and running.  Thanks to Twitter I can see a lot of them in one place again and my how they've grown. Some new faces too. 
Add in some good timing  and I come across a list of blogs up for Mobbie Awards.  It's like a one stop shop for hooking up all the cool Bmore blogs. 
So in alpha order (because that's how my bookmarks work) here are the blogs that I've snatched up to read when I should be doing more trivial things like work.  Curse of the drinking class. 

Beer in Baltimore- It's beer!  Hooray beer!
baltimore21201- Hey, I like culture.  And I've even been to the Meyerhoff once.  Don't you judge me.
thebaltimorechop- Dude, it's stuff that I like.  Hooray for stuff that I like.
thecoolestkidsintown- this is a new one that I'm just getting in to. 
baltimorecrime- 171 as of yesterday.
acharmedcity- another new one that I'm checking into.  Dig the pics
audaciousideas- I can only dream to be this educated and effective in my fair city. Keep it up, folks.
baltimoreisawesome- Yes it is. And I saw a post for Beer and Bacon Happy Hour at Bad Decisions. Bump!
slumlordwatch- We need this blog! Someone's gotta keep an eye on the vacants. But if you come around
                         asking me about Snoop and Chris I didn't see shit.
homelesscide- This is where life gets real.  This is a new one that I'm paying attention to. Good luck, Dave.
baltimorebrew- Don't let the name fool ya. More than just brew here. There's some fine indy journalism here
                        on some tough local issues.
mobtownshank- Been following this one for a while now. Tried and true Baltimore blog.

And there ya have it.  Good luck on the Mobbies and have a super fantastic Friday. 

27 October, 2011

Like OMG. I'm on Twitter! Now What?

I believe that I'm one of those people who, for my age and education, are the last ones to pick up on new technology.  Not only did I just dip my stinky big toe into the waters of the smart phone but just this morning I created one of those Tweeter accounts.  What?  Twitter?  Yea, that too.  So, I guess now I can twit little snippets of whatever I want.  What?  It's tweet?  Ugh.  This is why I don't take on new technology.  You will be proud of me though.  I just threw out about 25 lbs of old phone books last week.  Seems I just don't have a use for them anymore.  This here Internet and Google search thing pretty much has put phone books on the out.  What's that?  You haven't owned a phone book in years?  Hey shut up.  I'm new here.