25 May, 2010

I Was Told There Would be Cake at This Job.

I walked into the break room this morning to find a large white bakery box sitting on the center table. There was nothing in the break room but me at a large rectangular white bakery box. It was taped closed in 6 different places so I could not sneak a peek to see what may be in store for me later in the day.
A few people came into the break room to see me dancing around the table like one of those experiments where a scientist introduces a new and foreign object to a group of chimps. I was trying to see how this could be opened, how I could use it to my advantage, if it would have tasty snacks inside.

Until this box is opened I will be hovering around the break room periodically throughout the day to see if it has been opened yet.

And when it finally is?...MWUAHAHAHA!!!

Update! There is a Giant bag full of paper plates and napkins next to the box now.
The day is already looking up!