28 July, 2008

Where is B-More's Bloody Squirrel?

So this is not really new news but I've noticed that the bloody squirrel on Mt.Royal is gone. A few weeks before Artscape I noticed that the squirrel on Mt. Royal near the light rail stop was removed. Or maybe it is at large? Will someone let me know if they have a bloody squirell sighting? I always thought that was the best art piece in the city.

26 July, 2008

Baltimore builds Arena to Nowhere.


OK, so most, or some, of you know that the city is going to tear down 1st Mariner Arena in 2010 and build a new one on the sight. But they have no commitment from anyone to use it.
They would like to lure a NBA/NHL team to the arena but isn't this area saturated enough in sports?
Can Baltimore even afford an NBA team? An NHL team? I'd love to see it but don't think it will happen.

But they're gonna have their stadium. Yes sir-ee.

From the Sun:.." Previous state policy called for attracting a franchise before building a sports venue, but city officials said this project would thrive even without a team."

Do you hear the great sucking sound?

Oh but it gets better. Ever hear of the Maryland Stadium Authority?

This coincides with a report I read on city development and Baltimore. Dudes on the board of the MSA have been known to buy up run down railway land or warehouse land and then suggest that the new stadium be built near this old warehouse near the railway.
Then their construction firm gets a contract to rehab the warehouse around the new stadium.

Enough of the pancake pontificating. Back to...oh, where was I?

Oh yes! MSA and $$ and the great sucking sound of publicly funded/privately profitable.
The legend of the upper tier, puppeteer untouchable. (I didn't pen that. )

..."It is impossible to build a building of that size that is privately financed. The state and city have to pick it up," said John Moag, a former chairman of the Maryland Stadium Authority who now runs a company that provides consulting to sports leagues and teams."

The sucking continues. As stated above, it's impossible to stop. (If I'm going to get rich than it's impossible for this deal to stop).

I guess I won't be griping, though, when I'm watching WWE Smackdown in a new badass arena. But I'll bitch about it's birth to who ever will listen. Maybe I'll take a sign that reads "RIP 1st Mariner". Or whatever.

24 July, 2008

O's Turn Back the Clock to 1983

O’s turn Back the Clock to 1983

Aw man! I’ve never seen the O’s upper deck so packed as last night. With upper deck tix rolled back to the price they were in 1983 ($5) people came out in droves to see the 1983 World Series champs take the field again.
Being an invasive species, I was not native to Baltimore during the 83 series but I could see how important this night was to many of the longtime fans who were around to bask in the glory days. This was their opportunity to remember. And remember they did.
There were several times during the night that I saw men my dad’s age shedding a tear for their O’s heroes. These men only shed a tear or two during their entire lives and this night was one of those times. They probably let a tear go for Cal’s record breaking game, his induction into the Hall of Fame and at the 83 world series victory. And that’s it!
Cal waving to a stadium standing ovation

It’s times like these that make us all feel like kids again. My girlfriend and I were just talking about the nervous energy that we feel when we walk into a major league baseball stadium and how the atmosphere can be larger than life. It’s a feeling that takes one back to their childhood.
If Cheers was filmed in Baltimore you know this guy would have the lead role. Look at that hair!

Camden Yards is not my childhood baseball stadium (mine was the old Tiger Stadium in Detroit) but I do remember the 83 O’s. They won the series then and my Tigers won in ’84. I was in 3rd grade and baseball was in my blood. And I remember Eddie Murray and how he was such a thorn in the side of my Tigers. That man could swing a bat. I remember being at a Tigers game and when Eddie came up to bat the old Tiger fans would just be angry. They knew he was gonna do something to put our Tigers in a tight spot. They were usually right. Much respect to the O’s and the legacy.
Eddie Murray and Dan Morogiello reliving the dream

So back to the Turn Back the Clock night. I wonder if anyone there realized that all the music played last night was all tunes from 1983? It took me until the 2nd inning to catch on. Madonna: Lucky Star, The Cars: It’s Magic! (Oh! Oh! It’s magic!), Simple Minds: Don’t You Forget About Me, and many more. It was a nice touch and a name-that-tune event.

Oh! Speaking of Oh! The O’s were playing the Blue Jays (who were also in those awesome 80’s powder blue uniforms) so there was a singing of O Canada, right? I never realized how many opportunities a surly O’s fan could have and screaming “OH!!!” during O, Canada. Our national anthem only gives us one big burst but Canada could provide for some sore throats.

What a great game and great night. The rain didn’t dampen our spirits although the game was called. We just bonded further while waiting for the light rail in gail force wind and rain. That truly was a team effort as well.

21 July, 2008

Comment on Dick Chaney and Global Warming

Report Links Cheney Office, Oil Giant to Global Warming Policy Shift

Here's an interesting comment to the article that I lifted from Truthout.org reader. I thought it was comical enough to be repeated but true enough to be worried over.

"One might consider Cheneys connections to the oil industry a conflict of interest. Not so, he never had any interest whatsoever in governing. His only interest is in raping and pillaging the world for profit. "

19 July, 2008

Overheard at Chipotle

I overheard this at Chipotle in Towson

Customer: ...and I'll have a side of corn salsa.

Blond Hon behind the counter: A what?

Customer: A side-a-corn salsa.

Blond Hon: Sorry Hon, I ain't Mexican, I don't understand that.

17 July, 2008

B-More Dog Friendly

I consider myself a pretty lucky dog owner. In my years of living with man’s best friend (but not man’s best cook, that’s why I loves me some SueSue) I’ve been fortunate enough to live near dog parks. I used to have access to a football field sized caged in area with grass,sand and trees for dogs to run unleashed and play.

Last night I was watching the news and heard about Baltimore’s lack of dog parks. There’s one in Canton…Uh…are there anymore? If not then that’s too bad. To bad for our dogs. I have one just down the street from me. Actually it’s the Hopkins lacrosse practice field but it unofficially doubles as a dog park as long as we keep it clean.

Dog parks can be multi-purpose in that they give dogs their much needed exercise, they allow dogs to socialize with other dogs and they let dog owners in the community get together.
Sometimes people can be anti-social but dog parks can often act as a good ice breaker. Dog owners already have one thing in common: they have dogs. It is not unusual to frequent a dog park and know the dogs’names but not their owners but that’s ok because basically it’s the dogs who are bringing their owners out. We become the pets for the duration of the park visit.

Another big perk that a dog park offers is that it allows dogs to reestablish the pack.
There could be 2-20 dogs at a park and if you allow them enough time and freedom they will establish their pack order. Unless they’re trained to fight they rarely do. They do, however, mount eachother if they want to challenge or establish the order and this drives some owners nuts. I say leave the dogs alone. They are establishing the pecking order and don’t care if they embarrass you. They didn’t grow up catholic so get off their backs.
And you could learn something new about your dog if you let them play for a while and see how they interact with other dogs without you humans telling them what to do.

I remember being at a cookout where everyone brought their dogs. About every 30 minutes a new dog would show up (like a doggy Royal Rumble) and the pack order was reestablished. All the dog owners at the party knew about pack animals and pecking order and knew that after the order is established everyone is cool and playtime can continue.

So consider the dogs. Build more dog parks, Baltimore. We should at least have ones in Patterson, Druid Hill and Gwynns Falls. But that would only be a start. The city already has the space.

14 July, 2008

Ms. Venezuela Now Ms. Universe: Friend to All Woodland Creatures.


An elated Dayana Mendoza received the crown from her predecessor, Riyo Mori of Japan, and then prepared to meet a gaggle of reporters. Miss Venezuela, 22, was once kidnapped in her homeland and says the experience taught her to remain poised under pressure. It also taught her animal mimicry.

Pictured above, Mendoza shows the audience, one more time, her famous raccoon impression. It was this furry woodland mimicry that won her the Ms. Venezuela crown and ultimately the top honor of Ms. Universe. Mendoza will return to Venezuela to continue her work on public awareness of deforestation and fuzzy little forest creatures. Her voice will be the voice of universal tree huggers and non-animal tested cosmetics.

Budweiser to Become America's Wife Beater.


Yes, it's official. After a few unsuccesful attempts, InBev Corp. has purchased Anhueser-Busch for $52 Billion Dollars!!! (insert Dr. Evil voice here).
InBev is the Belgan maker of Stella Artois and Becks and is now the largest brewer in the world making 25% of the planet's swill. It's just fitting that Anhuseur-Busch be bought out by a company who makes a beer (Stella) that is refereed by Europeans as "Wife Beater" Business folks are pleased by the conglomeration. I'd hate to be in St.Louis right now. Talk about losing your hometown pride. Well, at least you can expect to find a lot more Becks on tap. And I guess you can get more Stella too. I just like calling it wife beater.

11 July, 2008

Obama Sucks and So Do You! Wake UP!

I don’t care if the FISA debate is a week old and no longer relevant (you wish), I can’t stop talking about this one. By now you may have heard (unless your news agency is owed by big telecom) that congress has voted to extend the FISA wiretapping “law” and make it legal for telecom to spy on “terrorists” (have a closer look at the term “terrorist” and you will find yourself in there somewhere) without impunity as well as making it impossible for citizens to sue telecom for invasion of privacy as well as retroactively hold the president not accountable for any wrongdoing in previous wairetappings.
Does this sound legit? Did this really happen? Did Obama vote to pass it? You bet. And not only did the “change we can believe in” vote to pass this bill in a 69-28 Senate vote creating legislation that the American Civil Liberties Union describes as "a Constitutional nightmare," Obama voted to silence debate on the FISA bill. Yes, shortly after they voted to pass the bill they also voted to end debate on the issue. HE VOTED TO KILL DEBATE ON THE ISSUE!

What issue is that? Well, much of it is classified. Then how can we properly vote on it? Uh…uh… Now I’m not versed in congressional voting and whatnot but wouldn’t it be easier to vote on a matter if you knew what it was really about?
No, wait, it would actually be harder because you would have to be burdened with the time it takes to read a bill. Yea, what was I thinking?

But one person who does know about the classified sections of the FISA program is big Wis senator Russ Feingold. Check out what he has to say about it.

Feingold: "I sit on the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, and I am one of the few members of this body who has been fully briefed on the warrantless wiretapping program. And, based on what I know, I can promise that if more information is declassified about the program in the future, as is likely to happen either due to the inspector general report, the election of a new president or simply the passage of time, members of this body will regret that we passed this legislation. I am also familiar with the collection activities that have been conducted under the Protect America Act and will continue under this bill. I invite any of my colleagues who wish to know more about those activities to come speak to me in a classified setting. Publicly, all I can say is that I have serious concerns about how those activities may have impacted the civil liberties of Americans. If we grant these new powers to the government and the effects become known to the American people, we will realize what a mistake it was, of that I am sure."

Classified information? Congress is voting to extend the FISA program but much of the program information is off limits to them. And not only are they voting to pass the bill but they are voting against further discussion of the bill. Obama voted for silencing debate while McCain did not vote at all and Clinton voted to continue debate.
Unfortunately, while Obama once promised to work with Feingold, he wasn't listening when the Wisconsin senator explained to his colleagues that granting retroactive immunity to the telecommunications corporations would effectively block the ability of Congress and the courts to address not just massive corporate wrongdoing but attacks on the privacy rights of Americans (that's you and I).

And if you were listening to NPR this morning in your groggy 6:30am state you would have heard that …”Since Sept. 11, the number of spying warrants approved by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has more than doubled, according to statistics the Justice Department releases each year.
At the same time, the number of criminal indictments against people associated with Islamist extremist groups has dropped by more than half, according to a recent study by the group Human Rights First.” http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=91968094

So what does this mean? It means that they’re just gathering information. That’s probably what they will continue to do for a long time. And what are you gonna do about it? Legally you can do nothing. You just lost those freedoms to protest your information being gathered and potentially used against you. Oh, but if you’re not a terrorist then you have nothing to fear. Define terrorist. Do you like recycling? Do you like animals? Do you shop online? Have you ever traveled outside the US? If you answered yes to any of these than you might be defined as a “terrorist”. But you’ll never know until it’s too late.

07 July, 2008

Watermelon: Nature's Viagra?

Yea, scientists in Texas (we can probably disregard this already. Nothing good comes from Texas) have "discovered" that there is more of the amino acid called citrulline in watermelon then previousley thought. This is some thimgamajig that relaxes and dialates blood vessels like Viagra does. (insert watermelon sex joke here).

Now this is fun. Watermelon season is almost upon us so that must mean that (insert Barry White voice here) "Love is in the air..." Actually, it's in the melons...hehe, that's what she said.

See? Watermelons and sex are fun...kinda sexy too...hehe...melons.


Big ole jiggly...well, let's not get off topic here. I was talking about watermelons and sex. Actually, not really. Since I said that the research was done in Texas, where the fuzzy math comes from.

Scientists have already proved that although sex and watermelons can be tons-of-fun it's unproven.

On hearing about the Texas finding, Irwin Goldstein, MD, editor-in-chief of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, was underwhelmed: "Suggesting a man feast on watermelon to boost performance, he says, "would be the equivalent of someone dropping a beer bottle in Minneapolis, where the Mississippi River starts, and hoping to see it make an impact on someone in New Orleans. " -Editor's note (that's me). First of all, I hate to judge but the name Irwin Goldstein and Journal of Sexual Medicine just sounds like some nerdy brainiac went into sexual medicine to "study" the effects. I'm sure there's a Woody Allen movie that parallels this somewhere. Wait, there's probably a dozen. And secondly, the Mississippi river does not start in Minneapolis but quite a bit further north. But what do I know? I'm not a doctor.

Oh well. At least we can have a little humor from it all. And hey, at least they didn't say that watermelon was bad for us. That's a good thing. Because there's nothing I like more in summa-time then a nice big watermelon.

Tip** Jab a bottle of Skyy vodka in the end of the watermelon for a few hours and then watch the sex drive increase. Any volunteers for the research?


Why I Love Shoplifting

Why I Love Shoplifting.

This is a nice article I lifted from the Crimethinc Ex-Workers' Collective http://www.crimethinc.com It pretty much says what I think without making me write it all out.
How many of us have shoplifted an item that we believed to be too much to pay or just out of sheer protest? And really, what’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing! Read on…http://www.crimethinc.com/texts/days/shoplifting.php

Now before I make myself out to be a total outlaw let me say that I love to Shoplift from larger corporations because, hey, it serves as a protest against the "high cost of low wages" and there is a separate thrill of it all that many can relate to.

I do not condone shoplifting from smaller local shops or mom & pop stores. It is the mass production widget producers that have cornered the market on our daily lives that I tend to engage in economic sabotage. And think about parking lots. If you could "steal time" and park in a lot or meter and get away before being caught would you really consider that stealing? I have a personal gripe about paying to drive and paying to park. My taxes and speeding tickets pay my way to drive so I hate paying tools. And paying to park? Another rant completely. Sure, I'll do it. But if I can get away without paying to park? You better believe I will.