09 March, 2012


Just thought I'd pop in here to post a link to a much better blogger than myself. 
I've gone through some peaks and valleys of life and no matter how smart I think I am I'm always reminded of just how dumb the Breather is when is comes to women folk.  And to make matters worse I feel even dumber when I feel I can act in her best interest instead of just stopping and listening to what her interests are in the first place.  And yes, I feel even even dumber when she tells me that her interests are so much simpler than I thought.  Why am I so dumb?
That's a rhetorical question. No need for answer.  I probably won't listen to it anyway.

So, in honor of International Women's Day I'd like to stop talking for a minute and listen to someone who just might have a better idea of what women's interests actually are.  And no, that person is not me as much as I do love to hear myself talk.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do.