09 November, 2011

Support the Stache! Donate to Movember Today

Aw man!  Day 9 and the pedo bear mustache is growing in like like a facial weed. 
Here's a glimpse of Day 6.
Sorry, I have a rare gene that's passed on the x chromosome in my family  that prevents me from taking a normal picture.  I always look like a jackass.  Now I'm a jackass with a snazzy mustache coming in.

So hey!  If you haven't done it yet  please consider making a small donation to the Movember Foundation.  Proceeds benefit  Livestrong and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

The Movember Foundation uses the money raised to fund two programs: an awareness and education program that significantly increases the understanding and reduces the stigmas of the health risks that men face, and Movember’s Global Action Plan that accelerates key outcomes in prostate cancer research by facilitating global research collaboration projects.

Here's how you can support this particular brostache and help me live with the fact that I'm looking more and more like a child molester for every day that I have this porn-stache growing under my schnoz. 
Mobro- Jamie Schott

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