08 November, 2011

Hon is Free for You and Me!

Hey Hon!  Have ya heard?  Hon is a free word again!  Woopie!  We can say Hon as much as we want and not have to worry about weather or not we're making a mockery of the Hon lady. 
So word on the street is that Gordon Ramsey brought his cameras to Cafe Hon for a PR blitz.  No? He was filming a tv show?  Oh.  Maybe that happened too.  The only time I passed by was late at night and all the windows were blacked out in the cafe and there was what looked like a tv producer's lackey standing out front with a wire in his ear like he was the lookout guy.  Add some black Escalades and you'd think Sheila Dixon was up in there. 
     So what happened?  Was there an episode being made?  Was her kitchen a nightmare?  No, Whiting was the nightmare.  In fact Ramsey went on the praise the loyal staff and only made minor tweaks to the menu and actually admired many of the comfort foods even if they had become a bit stale.
Was this all a PR stunt?  Meh. Probably.  Whatever it was it needed to happen and I, for one, am glad that somebody stepped in to talk some sense into this whole matter.
     Sure, it was easy to hate on Whiting for trademarking our Hon.  And it was easy for her to detract the protesters and naysayers and tell the world that they just don't understand what she is trying to do. She was trying to save Hon but just went about it the wrong way.  It's too bad that she saw a 25% drop in her business over the last year and too bad that she didn't realize sooner that this really does matter to us.  Nobody owns Hon.  Now everybody owns Hon again and we know it. 
     What started out as controversy may end in a stronger and more celebrated Hon. A Hon that we will protect and cherish. I think that is what Whiting wanted all along but her business practices may have sent this in the wrong direction.  
     Ya know, folks.  It takes courage to tell the world that you are sorry and that you are responsible for the problems that have been caused.  It also takes courage to relinquish the vision which you worked so hard to make good and to realize that you were hurting people when all you really wanted to do was help them.
     When Denise Whiting gave up the trademark for Hon she took that courageous step in apologizing to Baltimore and as good people in this fine city when someone apologizes we forgive them.  


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