18 October, 2008

JD's Smokehouse II: What a Difference a Day Makes

OK OK, so maybe I was a bit overzealous with my praise for JD Smokehouse or maybe I just needed to collect some more data points.
So lady and I went back to JD on Friday for happy hour. This was a bad decision but how was I to know? I was expecting fatty wings and Hoegardens but was met with:
1. No room at the bar
2. No food specials meaning 10 wings for $8. No deal
3. No Hoegarden on tap. With 4 clusters of taps in the bar they had no Hoes. Disappointing.

What a difference a few days makes.
Oh well. I guess I just learned not to waste a Friday happy hour at this place. Nothing ventured nothing gained, 'eh?

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